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Expert Workshops

Before the stakeholder involvement, the project partners organised expert workshops in France and Germany. In France there were three project workshops covering the residential, transport and power supply sectors, while in Germany there were two expert workshops covering the transport and power supply sectors.

In the expert workshops, the modellers in the project clarified with sector experts that the assumptions of the model were technically and economically realistic (costs, potentials, learning curves etc.). Also the dynamics of the models themselves were discussed. The contributions of the experts have shown to be very helpful for the modellers in the project.

The meetings also revealed that in some sectors no consensus on a vision for decarbonisation exists. This was for instance prominent in the transport export workshops, for Germany as well as for France.

The outcomes of the expert workshops were then integrated in the modelling tools.

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- Report/Article: "Social Acceptance in Quantitative Low Carbon Scenarios",  Eva Schmid et al, October 2011. Report, 2012 (pp. 25, pdf, 0.47 MB)

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- Fact Sheet: "Stakeholders Contribute to the Socio-Political Acceptance of Low-Carbon Scenarios". English version (2-page fact-sheet, 0.38 MB)

- Poster: "Social Acceptance of Low Carbon Scenarios: Step 2. Consulting Experts", (pdf file 0,3 MB)
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